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“I think Unspoken is a stunning book. Intricately plotted; powerful story; well-drawn characters. Poignant mixture of Greek drama, corporate financial knowledge, quantum mechanics and Zen Buddhism. The coming out story of Unspoken’s
young protagonist transcends gay fiction and offers a profound and sensitive
insight into family dynamics, failure to communicate, and the tragedy of
missed chances...”
     - Dr. Jane Goldberg, psychoanalyst and author,
       The Dark Side of Love and Deceits of the Mind
“Unspoken may strike you as the dirtiest book you’ve read since you were a teenager, but it’s a gripping description of gay coming out and corporate New York. When adults see today’s college students walking down the street, little do we imagine the sexually charged world in which they live.     read more...
     - Professor Arthur Williams, Dartmouth College

“Moving skillfully from one riveting scene to the next, Unspoken offers a compelling and disturbing story about ambition and betrayal, love and loss, sexual discovery and deceit, set against a magnetic backdrop evoking the electric intersection of familial dynamics and corporate finance.”     read more...
     - Fred Leebron, Author,
       Out West, In the Middle of All This, Six Figures

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